In October 2016, investigative journalist Claudio Gatti claimed he had discovered the true identity of Elena Ferrante, the pseudonym of an Italian author of several novels, including the widely-loved Neapolitan novels, a series of four volume series about two women from Naples.

Gatti’s revelation was met with widespread criticism within the literary community against the violation of the privacy of an author who had always maintained that anonymity was crucial to her writing process. Not least among the fears of publishers and readers was that this would be the end of Ferrante’s writing, with the supposed unmasking forcing the author to put her pen down forever.

But we can breathe easy. Ferrante’s publishers Edizioni E/O have revealed in an interview with Il Libraio, an Italian literary newsletter, that the beloved author is writing again. While they refused to divulge details of when the next book is expected to be published (all we know is that it’s not going to be 2018), fans can rest assured that they haven’t read the last of her work. In the meantime, there’s always the HBO adaptation of the Neapolitan novels to look forward to, the screenplay of which Ferrante is supposedly working on currently.