Fresh on the heels of the announcement of Ravinder Singh’s upcoming new novel comes the news of his debut novel being published in the UK by Transworld Publishers. The novel I Too Had A Love Story, which elevated Singh to the top-tier of commercial romance in India, was first published in India in 2008.

Written as a tribute to his partner who died days before they were to be engaged, the book struck a chord with readers all over India. Nearly a decade later, the novel, which has consistently stayed on bestseller charts, is being published for an international audience – which is a fresh breakthrough of sorts for commercial romance writing in India. Earlier, Chetan Bhagat has also been published in the UK and the US.

“It’s such a superb feeling to see that the book, which has been such a stupendous success in India, has now hit the stands in the UK as well. Fans and readers of Ravinder’s books can actually go and buy a copy off the shelf,” said Vaishali Mathur, Executive Editor at Penguin Random House who published the Indian edition of the book.

Singh, who used to work in information technology before switching to full-time writing, made the announcement to his 1 million Twitter followers. “My journey, as an author, began with this book in India. That my love story would reach in the hands of lot more people than before is such an ecstatic feeling,” he said.