Bestselling romance novelist Durjoy Datta (latest novel: The Boy Who Loved) whose books score as high on popularity charts as he does with his fans, is turning his attention to nonfiction. The Amazon-owned Westland Publications has announced a three-part series by the author, who is now also a and screenwriter.

The first book in the series, scheduled to be published in early 2018, is titled Is He the World’s (Worst) Best Boyfriend?

The series will be cowritten with Harnidh Kaur, a 22-year-old poet who has published two collections of poetry, The Inability of Words and The Ease of Forgetting. Kaur said that she is a “reluctant writer, and all I’m here to do is write about how people think. It’s a confusing, fabulous journey.”

Harnidh Kaur
Harnidh Kaur

“Durjoy Datta has a following like no one else in the industry. He dominates the romance and Young Adult fiction market in India. Having him write for us is certainly a win. It’s going to be a promising journey and we are very excited to anchor his venture into non-fiction,” said Gautam Padmanabhan, CEO, Westland. Datta said, “The ride so far has been super exciting.”

At 30, Datta has written 15 novels, several of them co-authored. The titles include Now That You’re Rich, She Broke Up, I Didn’t!, Oh Yes, I’m Single!, You Were My Crush..., When Only Love Remains, and also World’s Worst Best Boyfriend. Does that ring a bell?