Writer Anita Nair’s creative writing mentorship programme Anita’s Attic and bookstore Logos Books have come together to launch a brand new Bangalore-based publishing start up named Attic Books.

In a statement, the founders of Attic Books said that the purpose of the startup is to connect the Indian reader with international literature that would not otherwise be on their radar screens.

“Out there in the world, there are countless beautiful books being written and published. However because they are not celebrated enough by the media, or do not make it to prize shortlists in the English language or because the writer isn’t a literary superstar, these books fail to reach the Indian reader.

As any discerning reader will tell you, literature becomes exciting on discovering authors you may have otherwise not read. And so our passion for books took us beyond national boundaries. Our list of authors comprise of  fine writers from around the world writing in English or whose books have been translated into English from the language they write in. These are books we have picked for the discerning Indian reader. Each time you buy an Attic book or join our book club, you are empowering a writer and promoting literature beyond borders.”

Their first set of titles include books by Andres Neumann (Argentina/Spain), Bei Tong (China), Evald Flisar (Slovenia), FH Batacan (Taiwan), Su-Chen Lim (Singapore), as well as an anthology titled Voices from the Attic.

Definitely not names normally seen on Indian shelves. This should be good news for anyone who cherishes new books and wants to read widely – beyond the confines of the mainstream literary world.