Penguin India has announced that it will publish yoga guru and entrepreneur Ramdev’s definitive autobiography, in which he will talk about his childhood, his interest in spirituality, yoga and wellness, the setting up of the Patanjali institutions, his dreams and ambitions, and the large number of controversies he has been involved in.

The book is being co-written (read: written) by journalist Uday Mahurkar, who is a deputy editor at India Today. Mahurkar said, "I have been following Baba Ramdev’s life since 2002, and I am excited that he has chosen me to help him tell his story. Being Baba Ramdev will bring out lesser known facts about Baba Ramdev, his life and his work. I hope to give his fans as well as his critics a real peek into the man behind the Baba through his autobiography."

Penguin publisher Milee Ashwarya said, "I have been watching the rise and rise of Baba Ramdev with equal fascination and curiosity over the past decade, and have often wondered what defines him and his work. Being Baba Ramdev will share the story of this unlikely guru and the force behind Patanjali.’

Ramdev himself said, "A lot has been written about me by other people in the media. Now with my autobiography I will share with you the story of my life in my own words."