It’s almost official. The new publishing start-up Juggernaut, helmed by Chiki Sarkar and Durga Raghunath, which wants to create millions of new readers with a mobile app, will have Sunny Leone as its first published writer.

Considering the catalogue announces books by, among others, Arundhati Roy, Sharmila Tagore, William Dalrymple and (election whizkid) Prashant Kishore, the choice of Leone possibly proves that Juggernaut is keen on making a huge impact on its debut. The media that the book is bound to get will certainly not hurt.

It’s not a tell-all autobiography, though. It’s a book of short stories. Somewhat worryingly, the company says: “Sunny Leone is one of India’s most desired and glamorous women. Her delicious stories of passion and play will put the oomph back into your life.”

As a strategy to get huge downloads of the app, it might prove effective. The question is: will those who get the app to read Leone also read Roy?

Meanwhile, there’s Carrie Fisher’s (remember her from Star Wars?) Postcards From The Edge. Oomph? No. Gritty? Yes.