If you were enchanted by On The Road and The Dharma Bums, you will enjoy the lesser known Lonesome Traveler, a collection of sketches and short pieces by the intrepid Jack Kerouac.

The pieces in the book cover his travels through the United States, and into Mexico, Morocco, Paris, and London as well as the Atlantic and Pacific.

As he navigates deserts and seas by rail and ship, attends a bullfight in Mexico while high on opium, follows the trail of the beats in New York City, sails to the Panama Canal and the Gulf of Mexico, climbs Desolation Peak, languishes on a beach in Tangiers, and wanders Montmartre in Paris, Kerouac takes the reader along with his spare, unfussy style.

For more insight into his best fiction, or just the opportunity to spend more time in the worlds he constructed so well, this slim book is a great companion. In its best passages, it reveals the grace that can bless the solo traveller.

“There really is not too much to say about this book, except that it is vintage Kerouac; it is not quite a travel book, nor is it quite fiction; it is again a collection of Kerouac's nerve- ends vs. the universe,” said Daniel Talbot in his New York Times review of the volume.

Published in 1985.